Invitation to JITMM
05 October 2022
As part of the annual Joint International Tropical Medicine Meeting ( to be held in Bangkok from 7-9 December 2022, we will be running a pre-conference workshop on Advanced Information Technology for Mosquito Vector Monitoring and Control(  The hybrid-mode 1-day workshop will take place on Dec 6.  The objective of this workshop is to explore opportunities provided by recent advances in information technology to address challenges in vector monitoring and control.  It is designed to be highly interdisciplinary, including computer scientists, epidemiologists, entomologists, and disease modelers.  Topics include: Mosquito vector sensor design, including but not limited to acoustic, opto-acoustic, and image-based approaches Mosquito vector population estimation techniques based on related data, including satellite imaging, street-view images, and environmental data Data collection for machine learning approaches Sensing...

A project of MIRU appears in an article in the country profile of Thailand published by GATE in Germany.

The Country Profile is also available on the World Wide Web, as follows:

MIRU project is on the page - 26.