Thumbnail The Acoustical Society of America wrote a press release around Tim's presentation on the "A Bio-Inspired Acoustic Detector of Mosquito Sex and Species"   Abstract Mosquitos mostly use their auditory system to recognize the species and sex of other mosquitos. This has been proven based on behavioristic and neurologic experiments. This ability is amazing since most of the frequencies that mosquitos create lie outside their own hearing range. It is evident that they do not respond to the frequencies themselves, but to nonlinear distortion products and combination tones between their own wing beat sound and the sound of other flying mosquitos. Based on mechanical, acoustical, and neurological considerations, we are creating an analogue model of the mosquito’s plumose antenna to calculate the afferent neural activity evoked by the scolopidia in the Johnston’s organ when exposed to sound. The model successfully creates some...

A project of MIRU appears in an article in the country profile of Thailand published by GATE in Germany.

The Country Profile is also available on the World Wide Web, as follows:

MIRU project is on the page - 26.